Kemp Leadership Academy

The Kemp Leadership Academy provides education and personalized training to enrich the policy insights, understanding and political leadership skills of professional athletes who are interested in public policy or aspire to public office.

Unique Curriculum

Athletes spend 3 weeks in Washington over a 4-month period, with an emphasis on getting outside the classroom and into the halls of our Nation’s capital. KLA’s program of hands-on experience and mentorship includes:


  • In-depth individual assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses, policy interests, leadership style, and career goals.


  • Tailored readings, tutoring and discussions designed to enrich understanding of the American Idea and system of government, critically examine current issues, and develop the athlete’s own thinking.


  • Familiarization with how Washington operates: federal agencies, Congress, the  Supreme Court, lobbyists, interest groups, non-governmental organizations, political parties, the electoral process.


  • Interactions with experienced politicians, policy experts and advisors who can provide practical insights and open doors.


  • Personal training in public policy communication skills and techniques.


For information on how you can learn more about the Kemp Leadership Academy, participate in our programs, or sponsor pro athlete candidates, please send an e-mail to


“I got into politics rather circuitously.  After 13 years in pro football I had broken both ankles, both shoulders, my right knee, my right hand and had twelve concussions.  Nothing left to do but run for Congress.” – Jack Kemp


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